Our Team

At Symphony42, we are redefining the future of B2C Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation using groundbreaking Persuasive Conversational AI technology. Our team is comprised of the same visionary leaders and entrepreneurs who revolutionized the industry with their previous businesses. Together, we are once again transforming the landscape of Customer Acquisition, leveraging our expertise to solve the most challenging problems and inefficiencies with revolutionary AI solutions for acquiring new customers from Internet traffic.

Sean Fenlon

Founder & CEO

Sean is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, dedicated to revolutionizing industries through cutting-edge technology. With decades of experience, he has founded 5 Internet/tech startups, three of which have had successful exits, and raised over $35 million in growth equity and debt financing through the years.


In 2021, Sean co-founded Symphony42 along with Dave Blundin, the world’s first AI Customer Acquisition Platform, which is rapidly gaining traction in the market. Before Symphony42, Sean founded ABOVO.co in 2015, a platform focused on simplifying online content publishing and community creation. In 2004, he founded DoublePositive, the “inventor” of the Live Call Transfer lead and a performance-based online marketing company that was acquired by OSG in 2015 and then later acquired again by Zeta Global in 2023.
Sean’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1999 with ListenSmart.com, an Internet startup aiming to reshape the music industry by supporting independent musicians. His other ventures include TheLoanPage.com, an Internet mortgage lead company (similar to LendingTree), which was acquired by Battery Ventures in 2003.

Sean holds a Doctorate in Music from The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, where he also obtained his Masters in Music. Throughout his career, Sean has employed over 100 unique and talented individuals in the Maryland area and over 250 worldwide. Driven by a people-centric philosophy, Sean is always on the lookout for rock star talents to join his growing businesses. As a tech entrepreneur, online marketing veteran, musician, academic, husband, and father, Sean believes “It’s all about the people,” and the transformative impact of technology on society.

Dave Blundin

Co-founder & Board Member

Dave Blundin is a serial entrepreneur, visionary technologist, and Venture Capitalist with over 30 years of experience founding, advising, and investing in cutting-edge tech startups. He is the co-founder of Symphony42 alongside his long-time friend and business colleague Sean Fenlon.


Dave’s journey began in the late 1980s when he studied Computer Science and AI at MIT, researching neural networks at the renowned CSAIL AI Lab. This early exposure to AI shaped Dave’s career and he went on to found over 20 companies applying AI and data analytics to transform industries.

In the 1990s, Dave pioneered the use of AI for optical character recognition, demand forecasting, and medical imaging with his first startup Cirrus Recognition Systems. He then founded an early data mining unicorn, DataSage, which used AI to analyze terabytes of clickstream data to personalize interactions for Amazon, Walmart and others. DataSage was acquired by Vignette in 2000 for over $1 Billion (on a cash-value adjusted basis).

Dave then served on the board of MicroStrategy and as Chief Technologist at Vignette after the sale of DataSage. In 2001, he co-founded Vestmark – an innovator in financial asset management software, currently with over $1.5 Trillion in assets on the platform – where he continues as Chairman.

In the 2000s, Dave focused on incubating startups, co-founding over a dozen companies in fintech, digital marketing, customer acquisition, and online marketplaces. This included co-founding EverQuote, the largest online auto insurance marketplace, which went public in 2018. He also founded Link Ventures, which has invested in dozens of tech startups.

Currently, Dave serves as Chairman of tech incubator Cogo Labs and is also a Managing Partner at Link Ventures, investing in early-stage internet companies. Dave is also the co-founder and General Partner at fintech investor Vestigo Ventures. Throughout his career, Dave has served on over 20 private and public boards. With Symphony42, Dave is excited to participate in realizing the promise of AI to revolutionize how businesses operate. He brings a wealth of experience scaling AI companies from the ground up. His technical expertise and entrepreneurial vision will be invaluable as Symphony42 aims to become the leader in AI Customer Acquisition for businesses.

Brian Ocheltree

Head of Insurance

Brian Ocheltree is a seasoned InsurTech entrepreneur and advisor, bringing over 35 years of experience in Internet technology, insurance, and digital marketing to his role as Partner and Head of Insurance at Symphony42. As the Founder and former-CEO of LeadCloud, an insurance industry Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) that connected over 60 insurance carriers with their digital marketing partners, Brian possesses deep domain expertise and an extensive network in the insurance vertical.


Prior to LeadCloud, which was acquired by National General Insurance and later Allstate, Brian founded and led several successful ventures at the intersection of technology and marketing. These include e.magination, one of the largest design, application development, and infrastructure support firms in the Mid-Atlantic region during the dot-com era, and PartnerPoint, a B2B lead generation company focused on the Microsoft Partner ecosystem.

Brian and Symphony42 Founder Sean Fenlon have a long-standing personal and professional relationship with mutual respect for each other’s entrepreneurial accomplishments. They worked closely together at e.magination, where Sean directly reported to Brian and trusted his leadership in navigating the challenging tech landscape of the early 2000s. Brian also served as the Head of Insurance at DoublePositive from 2007 to 2012, further cementing his expertise in the industry and his connection to the B2C Customer Acquisition space.

At Symphony42, Brian will leverage his deep insurance industry knowledge, extensive network, and strategic partnership experience to drive strategic integrations and the adoption of the company’s AI Customer Acquisition platform in the insurance vertical. His track record of building successful InsurTech ventures and his shared history with Sean make him an invaluable addition to the Symphony42 leadership team.

Greg Yardley

Head of Product

Greg Yardley is an experienced product executive with well over a decade of tech startup experience. In 2008, he co-founded the mobile analytics company Pinch Media, the first company to bring the detailed measurement and instrumentation that was standard on the web to the then-new world of iPhone applications. Pinch Media raised Venture Capital from Union Square Ventures, First Round Capital, and Jerry Neumann, and enjoyed meteoric growth until merging with the mobile application advertising company Flurry in 2010. In 2014 the combined company was acquired by Yahoo for 9-figures.


Greg has held product roles at a variety of Internet marketing firms, including NexTag, Root Markets, Right Media, and Yahoo. He was an early participant in Start-Up Chile’s tech incubator, and has served as an advisor to several analytics and marketing firms.

Greg and Symphony42 founder Sean Fenlon bonded almost 20-years ago over their mutual appreciation for each other’s online writing. They’ve remained good friends ever since, and are excited to finally work directly together. Greg is thrilled to finally bring his product experience to an industry where the pace of change has abolished the idea of “too early” His focus is on thoroughly analyzing and anticipating market and technological trends, ensuring Symphony42 is not just delivering business value with the cutting-edge AI of today, but readying itself to take maximum advantage of the inevitable breakthroughs to come.

Ross Shanken

Board Director, Lead Advisor, Investor

Ross Shanken is a visionary entrepreneur, advisor, and investor who has been instrumental in helping to shape Symphony42 into the world’s first AI Customer Acquisition platform. As a founding Board Member and lead advisor, Ross provides invaluable guidance rooted in over 25 years leading high-growth data and marketing technology companies.


Ross is the Founder and former CEO of Jornaya, a leading consumer journey intelligence company acquired by publicly-traded Verisk. He originally co-founded Jornaya (formerly LeadiD) in 2011 to bring transparency and trust to the online lead generation market. Under Ross’ leadership, Jornaya pioneered the use of consumer journey data and intelligence to empower advertisers, publishers, and platforms with unprecedented visibility into customer buying signals and behaviors.

Prior to Jornaya, Ross spent over a decade in senior leadership roles at TARGUSinfo, growing the business from $10 million to over $130 million in annual revenue. There he honed his skills in new business development, product innovation, sales, marketing, and building high-performance teams.

Ross and Symphony42 founder Sean Fenlon have been trusted friends and collaborators in the Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition space for nearly 20 years. As an early investor in Symphony42, Ross recognized the immense potential for AI to disrupt Customer Acquisition and supercharge growth. He provides valuable counsel on strategic planning, partnerships, fundraising, and scaling globally.

At Symphony42, Ross draws on his breadth of experience to accelerate product-market fit, revenue growth, and market leadership. His proven track record building breakout companies, combined with his industry expertise and passion for AI, make him an ideal founding Board Member and Lead Advisor.

Stein Kretsinger

Board Advisor, Investor

Stein Kretsinger brings over 25 years of expertise scaling high-growth technology companies to his role as a Founding Board Advisor and Investor in Symphony42. His experience spans engineering, analytics, online media, customer acquisition, and consumer credit – making him an ideal counselor as Symphony42 pioneers the intersection of AI and customer acquisition.


Stein serves as Director at data science consultancy Elder Research and led analytics teams at Capital One and Value America. As a founding executive of Advertising.com, he was instrumental in growing the company from launch to over $200MM in revenue.

Stein is a seasoned entrepreneur and advisor with a track record of driving growth through optimization, predictive analytics, and data science. He has played a pivotal role in the raising of over $69 million in venture capital, restructured companies post-acquisition, and recruited top technical talent.

Stein’s relationship with Symphony42 founder Sean Fenlon spans over 20-years, beginning when Stein – acting as Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Battery Ventures – acquired Sean’s company TheLoanPage.com in 2003. They then continued to work closely together during Stein’s tenure as an investor and Board Member at DoublePositive, where he also met Dave Blundin.

At Symphony42, Stein provides valuable perspective on product-market fit, data analytics, and scaling data science teams. His analytical rigor, business acumen, and hands-on approach make him an ideal advisor as Symphony42 leads the AI revolution in customer acquisition.

Sid Banerjee

Board Member, Investor

Sid Banerjee is a serial entrepreneur and visionary leader in the fields of customer experience, business intelligence, and AI-driven data analytics. As the Chief XM Strategy Officer at Qualtrics, Sid played a pivotal role in the post-acquisition integration of Clarabridge, achieving over 90% incremental revenue growth in FY 2022. His strategic vision and leadership have consistently driven significant advancements and growth across various organizations.


In 2006, Sid was the Founder and CEO of Clarabridge, a trailblazing company that transformed consumer feedback into actionable business intelligence. Under his leadership, Clarabridge was acquired by publicly-traded Qualtrics in 2021 for $1.2 billion. Prior to Clarabridge, Sid built Claraview, a national BI and data warehousing firm, which he successfully sold to Teradata.

A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Sid has applied his technical acumen and strategic insights across multiple high-impact roles, including VP of Worldwide Services at MicroStrategy and Product Manager at Sprint. His expertise spans customer experience management, text analytics, SaaS, business intelligence, and high-growth companies, making him a respected thought leader and advisor.

Sid’s connection to Symphony42 is deeply rooted in longstanding relationships and shared visions. As a fraternity brother of co-founder Dave Blundin at MIT, their friendship has been a cornerstone of their professional collaborations. Dave invested in Sid’s Clarabridge and served on the Board during its early stages. Symphony42 marks the first time Sid and Dave sit on the same board since then. Sid is also a Symphony42 Pre-Seed investor, reinforcing his belief in the company’s mission and potential.

Sid shares a close relationship with Sean Fenlon, having met in 2009 through YPO DC/Baltimore Chapter and remained close through years of collaboration. At Symphony42, Sid leverages his extensive experience and strategic prowess to guide the company’s vision of revolutionizing B2C Customer Acquisition through Persuasive Conversational AI. His deep understanding of customer needs and AI’s transformative potential positions Symphony42 at the forefront of the AI-driven customer acquisition landscape.