Product Offerings

Tailored Solutions for Every Stage of Your Customer Acquisition Journey

At Symphony42, we understand that every business wants to grow their sales but has unique Customer Acquisition needs. That’s why we offer a range of products designed to meet your business wherever it is and scale with your business as it grows. Whether you’re looking for a turn-key solution or a fully customizable platform, Symphony42 has you covered.


Our “Prime” offering is the ultimate all-in-one solution for businesses seeking to maximize their Customer Acquisition efforts. With “Prime,” you gain access to Symphony42’s cutting-edge AI technology, paired with our proven expertise in driving high-quality, high-intent calls to your business. Our AI Agents engage and qualify consumers, connecting you with sales prospects who are genuinely interested in your products or services. With our Pay-per-Call, Name-your-Price auction model, you only pay for calls that meet your specific criteria, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient process. Plus, our “Prime” offering comes bundled with our “Consumer Information Network” family of brands, providing a trustworthy and compelling top-of-funnel face to your Pay-per-Call campaigns.

For businesses that prefer a more hands-on approach, our “Platform” offering provides the flexibility and customization you need to integrate Symphony42’s AI technology into your existing acquisition strategies. With a variety of delivery models – including calls, appointment setting, click-through to your destination URL, or AI-powered sales/commitments – and tiered pricing based on usage, our “Platform” offering can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you want to maintain your own branding or leverage our “Consumer Information Network,” the choice is yours. Our “Platform” offering puts the power of Symphony42’s AI in your hands, allowing you to optimize your acquisition efforts on your own terms.

Symphony42’s Platform – API Only offering is a game-changer for businesses engaged in inbound OR outbound Customer Acquisition efforts. Our API seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, allowing you to leverage the power of our Persuasive Conversational AI in real-time. Simply send us the consumer side of the dialog, and our AI will respond with optimized, persuasive messages designed to drive conversions. With pricing based on the type of interaction – text, voice, or video – you can fine-tune your outbound strategies for maximum impact and ROI. Our “Platform for Outbound” offering is the key to unlocking the full potential of your outbound campaigns, one conversation at a time.

For high-volume customers seeking a fully managed, fully optimized Customer Acquisition solution, Symphony42’s AI Agency is the answer. Our team of experts will work hand-in-hand with you to customize our AI Agents to your exact specifications, ensuring a seamless and authentic brand experience for your customers. Plus, we can leverage our extensive expertise in media buying and traffic optimization to drive the highest-quality, highest-converting traffic to your campaigns as your media-buying agency. With Symphony42 as your AI Agency, you can rest assured that your Customer Acquisition efforts are in the hands of the industry’s best and brightest.

At Symphony42, we’re more than just a technology provider – we’re your partner in Customer Acquisition success and growth. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or an enterprise-level organization looking to scale in any industry/vertical or category, Symphony42 has the products and expertise you need to take your Customer Acquisition efforts to the next level using our Persuasive Conversational AI. Experience the Symphony42 difference today.