How it Works

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…

There are 3 essential parts to all digital B2C Customer Acquisition processes:

Engaging Customers

via any and all consumer Internet traffic channels (top of funnel)

Qualifying/Screening Customers

to ensure that they are genuinely-interested and qualified for the product or service, while simultaneously providing the consumer with helpful information for their journey

➂ Selling

Persuading the consumer to a purchase or commitment

  1. Engaging Consumers
    Symphony42 is integrated with all the leading Ad Platforms in all the top consumer Internet traffic channels for maximum top-of-funnel distribution and audience reach potential. Consumers initiate conversations with Symphony42 AI Agents using their preferred Interaction Modality, be it text, voice, or video.
  2. Helping/Assisting and Qualifying/Screening Consumers
    When a consumer engages with our AI Agents, our models are configured as specific product or service experts to help and assist the consumer in every way possible while simultaneously ensuring that consumer is genuinely interested and qualified for the product or service. Once a consumer has been adequately assisted and has been appropriately qualified, they can be handed off to one of your live human sales representatives or continue on their journey with our AI Agent for persuasion and selling.
  3. Convert Qualified Consumers into Sales/Commitments
    Symphony42’s Persuasive AI Agents guide qualified consumers towards a purchase or commitment decision by using state-of-the-art Persuasive AI LLMs and personalized data-driven recommendations. By understanding each consumer’s individual journey and addressing their specific concerns, our AI builds trust, overcomes objections, and ultimately drives conversions, all while providing a seamless, “Delightful Dance”™ experience.