Flexible Options for Every Stage of Growth

Explore our pricing matrix below to find the perfect fit for your business and take the first step towards revolutionizing your Customer Acquisition strategy with Symphony42’s cutting-edge AI technology:


Bundled Offering*
Delivery ModelPricing ModelDetails
(Consumer-initiated Inbound)
  • Name-your-Price (Auction Model) for Each Vertical
  • Minimum talk-times are OK, but auction uses adjusted/net revenue per call as the auction bid for each buyer
  • Turn-key product of live, genuinely interested and qualified consumers initiating calls to your live sales representatives
  • Cost of ads/traffic and qualifying/screening AI all included and bundled into the Pay-per-Call price
  • Pre-payment required, $5,000 minimum
  • Ads and qualifying AI Agents are branded from the “Consumer Information Network” family of brands (e.g., “Auto Insurance Information Network,” “Home Security Information Network,” etc.)
* Currently available only in the following Verticals/Categories: Insurance/Auto, Legal/Mass Tort, and Home Services. Verticals/Categories coming soon include Lending/Mortgage Lending/Refinance, Lending/Personal Loans, New/Used Cars, Debt Settlement, Tax Settlement, EDU/Online, Insurance/Home, Insurance/Life (including final expense), Insurance/Health (including ACA), Legal/Personal Attorney, and E-commerce.


UNBundled Offering
Delivery ModelPricing ModelDetails
    Options Include:
  • Calls
  • Appointment-set
  • Clicks to Destination URL
  • Sales/Commitments (via our AI Agents)
    Platform Fee
    Percentage of the total monthly value of the traffic flowing through the platform:
  • $0-25,000 – 10%
  • $25,000-$100,000 – 7.5%
  • $100,000+ – 5%
  • Platform-fee does not include cost of traffic/ads (i.e., un-bundled)
  • Choice of Delivery Models for stage-of-funnel consumer-handoff customization
  • $2,500 one-time setup fee for campaigns less than $25,000/mo
  • Option for platform customer to use their own brand(s) in ads and with AI Agents

Platform – API-only

Delivery ModelPricing ModelDetails
1-to-1 responses to consumer dialog via API
    Per Conversation (unique consumer)
  • Text-based Interaction – $0.10 per Conversation
  • Voice-based Interaction – $0.50 per Conversation
  • Video-based Interaction – $1.50 per Conversation
  • A subset of the Platform Offering, but unbundling all direct consumer messaging capabilities (i.e., calls, text messages, etc.) in addition to unbundling consumer ads/traffic
  • Designed for organizations capable of the all components of Customer Acquisition on their own, but still want to utilize the superior Persuasive Conversational AI Agents in their direct interactions with consumers
  • Perfect for organizations that manage their own compliant outbound texting and dialing to consumers
  • Customer sends Symphony42 the consumer side of the dialog in real-time to Symphony42 API – Symphony42 API responds in real-time with what to say back to consumer that optimizes for persuasion and performance
  • Pricing model is per-conversation with unique consumer – unlimited responses before “end” of conversations
  • MINIMUM: $5,000 per month in platform fees.w campaigns

AI Agency

Delivery ModelPricing ModelDetails
Customized Managed Services for deep customization/configuration of platform and/or for media-buying for traffic to AI AgentsAgency Fee
Negotiated Monthly AI Agency Fee Retainer Commensurate with Scope and Term of Engagement
  • Our AI Agency offering provides further customization and configuration and managed services for high-volume organizations
  • Services can be utilized for AI Agent customization, media-buying/traffic campaign management/optimization, or both

Plus, with Symphony42’s commitment to transparency, flexibility, and customer success, you can trust that you’re not just investing in a product, but in a long-term partnership that will grow with you. Ready to experience the transformative power of AI Customer Acquisition? Contact our team today to discuss your specific needs and objectives and let us help you choose the optimal Symphony42 product offering and pricing model to unleash your growth potential.

The future of AI Customer Acquisition is here, and it starts with Symphony42