Symphony42 – the World’s First AI Customer Acquisition Platform – You Just Won’t Believe What This AI Startup is Doing NOW

(Originally published April 2, 2024 on LinkedIn)

I. Introduction

Many people who know me well know how April 2nd (i.e., 4/2) is a special day for me.

I chopped off my first ponytail on 4/2/2012 and then chopped off another one 10 years later on 4/2/2022 (a pandemic ponytail ;-), I incorporated my previous startup business on 4/2/2015, and I provided two Symphony42 updates here on LinkedIn on 4/2/2022 and 4/2/2023. Today 4/2/24 is particularly distinctive as a palindrome date — the same date forwards and backward (there will only be 25 total palindrome dates in the entire 21st century :-O)

April 2 = 4/2 = 42 :-)

Today also marks a special milestone for Symphony42 – our THIRD annual update here on LinkedIn since we first introduced ourselves to the world as “The World’s First AI Lead Generation Platform” back in 2022. It has already been a wild ride, filled with breakthroughs, learnings, and — despite many setbacks along the way — a ride filled with the an unwavering conviction that we’re on the cusp of something truly transformative. A generational breakthrough.

Upon reflection, it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come since that initial announcement in April 2022. What began as a bold vision to harness the power of AI for Lead Gen and Customer Acquisition has now evolved into a sophisticated platform that’s redefining the very essence of how businesses connect and engage with consumers. We’ve dreamed. We’ve imagined. We’ve pushed boundaries, challenged conventions, and dared to build a future where LLMs are not just a new tech tool, but a literal partner in crafting “Delightful Dance”™ personalized consumer experiences at scale – all while remaining 100% compliant and consumer-centric/consumer-friendly.

In last year’s update, we shared our progress on our MVP launch and the strategic shift towards integrating consumer-initiated inbound SMS communication with LLMs into our Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition process. We were thrilled by the positive feedback and validation from our early prototype testers, which further fueled our determination to keep grinding and expanding our goals.

Now, as we stand at the threshold of a fantastic new era in AI-driven consumer engagement, I’m excited to share with you the latest developments in the Symphony42 startup story. It’s an epic tale, from groundbreaking advancements in Persuasive Conversational AI to the onboarding of top-tier customers, and the expansion of our team with entrepreneurial legends, we’ve got a lot to cover…

So, buckle in and join me on this thrilling ride as we explore how Symphony42 is orchestrating a revolution in B2C Customer Acquisition, one AI-powered “Delightful Dance”™ interaction at a time :-)

II. Team Updates

Personally, I believe:

“It’s all about the people”

“It’s all about the people”

It’s a philosophy that I live by.

The passion, expert skills, and relentless drive for growth that each team member brings to the table is what fuels our success. Today, I’m thrilled to announce two extraordinary additions to the Symphony Founding Team who will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Symphony42…

First, it is my absolute honor and privilege to be the first to publicly announce that the legendary Brian Ocheltree has joined Symphony42…

Hallelujah :-)

Brian O and I go WAY back – he’s not just a colleague, but a lifelong friend and mentor. I have learned more about being a leader from Brian O than anyone else. In fact, he’s the only Boss I’ve ever had – back when he was the Founder/CEO of e.magination :-O

We also worked together in the early days of DoublePositive, where Brian guided us to establish our Insurance vertical business. His entrepreneurial prowess, business athleticism, and deep industry knowledge are perfectly exemplified by his LeadCloud story starting in 2012 and ultimately resulting in a successful acquisition of LeadCloud by National General Insurance (which was then acquired by Allstate). Brian O is already an invaluable asset to Symphony42, and I couldn’t be more excited to work shoulder-to-shoulder with him once again as we revolutionize the B2C Customer Acquisition space together.

I am equally excited to repeat and amplify the February announcement introducing the legendary Greg Yardley as our new Head of Product:

Greg Yardley Joins Symphony42 as Head of Product — February 2024

Greg and I first connected nearly two decades ago after reading each other’s blog posts about the Internet and Business. Greg’s impressive track record speaks for itself — from his early days at Nextag and Root Markets to Founding CEO of Pinch Media and leading product development at Flurry (to a big 9-figure exit to Yahoo in 2014), he’s consistently been the tip of the spear of Internet tech products. His strategic vision, technical acumen, and consumer-centric philosophy make him the perfect fit to steer Symphony42’s product strategy as we evolve and scale. On a personal note, I’ve been trying to get Greg to join forces with me for years, going back to 2006 DoublePositive days. While the timing wasn’t right then, I couldn’t be happier that he’s finally taken the leap to join Symphony42. Greg’s decision to come out of “retired-but-not-tired” retirement to lead our AI product team is a testament to the immense potential he sees in our mission and vision. If you’d like a demo or to sample some of Greg’s product offerings, scroll to the bottom of this LinkedIn Article for a Product Roadmap and Listing :-)

Adding serial entrepreneurs Greg and Brian to the Symphony42 Founding Team marks a significant milestone.

Adding serial entrepreneurs Greg and Brian to the Symphony42 Founding Team marks a significant milestone. They are both GAME-CHANGERS that will push us to new heights. It’s almost surreal to me that I now get to work with them both closely every day as we reshape the landscape of AI Customer Acquisition.

But our team updates don’t stop there. We’ve been fortunate to attract some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds in tech to join our mission. From AI developers, and Data Scientists to Customer Acquisition strategists and seasoned customer success professionals – we’re building a world-class team that’s ready to tackle the challenges of the $1 Trillion market opportunity that lies ahead. I can’t wait to announce their names soon and to see the impact they’ll make as we continue to grow and expand. Watch this space :-)

[NOTE: If you’d like to discuss opportunities to join the Symphony42 team in the future, please note this potentially HUGE and unfair advantage/tip – whether you’re technical or non-technical, junior or senior, please learn as much about AI and LLMs as possible FIRST, before inquiring. We are eager to add and work with team members that WE can LEARN about AI and LLMs from :-)]

III. Expansion From Conversational AI to PERSUASIVE Conversational AI

When we first embarked on this journey, our vision was to leverage the power of Conversational AI to revolutionize Lead Generation. We saw the immense potential in using AI-driven interactions to qualify and screen consumer prospects, understand their needs, and match them with the perfect lead/call buyers. And while this approach has proven tremendously effective, we knew it was just the beginning.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce a groundbreaking evolution of our platform: the expansion from Conversational AI for simple qualification/screening and handoff of consumers to PERSUASIVE Conversational AI for end-to-end Customer Acquisition, including “selling.” From the initial impression of an ad all the way to a new customer transaction or commitment. End-to-end. Full stack, full stop. This marks a significant leap forward in our capabilities, as we move beyond simply identifying and qualifying potential customers to actively guiding them through their entire purchase commitment journey.

Imagine a world where AI doesn’t just understand and respond to consumer inquiries, but actually influences their decisions and behaviors. Where every interaction is infinitely personalized, emotionally intelligent, and optimized for conversions. That’s the power of Persuasive Conversational AI, and it’s set to transform the way businesses acquire and retain customers. By harnessing leading LLMs, Multi-modal Behavioral Biometric Feedback Data (MMBBFD), and Machine Learning (ML), our Persuasive Conversational AI can engage customers in dynamic, contextually relevant dialogues. It can anticipate objections, provide bespoke recommendations, and guide users toward the most appropriate products or services.

The result??? UNPRECEDENTED levels of engagement, conversion rates, and consumer satisfaction :-)

Persuasive AI and the Persuasion Genome Project

But we’re not stopping there. To truly unlock the potential of Persuasive Conversational AI, we’re embarking on a groundbreaking research initiative, the Persuasion Genome Project.

The Persuasion Genome Project

Our goal is to decode the science of persuasion by analyzing millions of consumer conversations (along with the final dispositions/outcomes of the interactions) across various industries, verticals, categories, and traffic channels. By identifying the key elements that drive decision-making and influence behavior, we aim to create the world’s most comprehensive model of persuasive techniques and strategies.

Concepts that will contribute to the Persuasion Genome Project include:

  • Persuasive AI “Dreaming”
  • Persuasive AI Swarms Architecture:
  • a. Ant Colony Optimization
  • b. Particle Swarm Optimization
  • c. Bee Colony Optimization
  • Persuasive Simulation Environments
  • Persuasion AI Oracles

This proprietary knowledge base will power our Persuasive AI models, enabling even more compelling and effective consumer interactions. Imagine a future where our AI can adapt its communication style, tone, and approach in real-time based on each consumer’s unique persona, preferences, and real-time emotional state. That’s the level of hyper-personalization we’re building, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We expect many other organizations to join us in creating The Persuasion Genome Project and bringing it to completion within the next 10 years.

We’re integrating multiple “Interaction Modalities” – from text and voice to video and avatars – into a seamless, AI-powered Customer Acquisition journey. By leveraging the strengths of each modality and interface, we can engage consumers on their preferred platforms and create truly omnichannel experiences:

As you can see from the diagram, our Persuasive Conversational AI sits at the heart of this process. It’s the engine that drives personalized, emotionally resonant interactions across every consumer touchpoint. Whether a consumer starts their journey with a digital ad, a text message, or a voice call, our AI is there to guide them, understand their needs, and persuade them to take action.

The benefits of this approach are game-changing. By automating and optimizing the end-to-end Customer Acquisition process (from the first impression of an ad to a new customer transaction or commitment), businesses can achieve unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and effectiveness. They can deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. EVERY time, and ALL the time (24/7). By doing so, businesses grow by acquiring more customers, while also fostering loyalty from the consumers via superior experiences as compared to a live human experiences.

We’re not just building a platform – we’re orchestrating a revolution in consumer engagement. By combining the power of AI personalization, Persuasive Conversational AI, and the insights from the Persuasion Genome Project, we’re unlocking a new era of possibility for businesses across every industry. I invite you to join us in some capacity on this exciting journey as we redefine the future of AI Customer Acquisition, one persuasive conversation at a time :-)

IV. Go-to-Market Strategy and Offerings

Symphony42 is driven by a consumer-centric perspective and approach to AI. Our goal is to develop cutting-edge AI technologies and to create radical and scalable solutions that address the real-world challenges businesses face in their Customer Acquisition efforts. That’s why we’ve crafted a multi-pronged go-to-market strategy and a unique suite of offerings designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our go-to-market journey begins in the $10 Billion Lead Gen ecosystem, where we’re already making waves with our consumer-initiated, Pay-per-Call model. By focusing on this high-value, high-intent segment of the market, we’re able to demonstrate the power of our AI-driven platform in generating qualified, conversion-ready, consumer-initiated calls for lead buyers.

Our platform is optimized for consumer-initiated actions (INBOUND inquiries for businesses) at every step of the the consumer’s journey. From engaging with an ad, to initiating a call or text, the consumer remains in complete control of the process from end-to-end and experiences the most consumer-friendly compliant Customer Acquisition process possible. We have, however, developed a new API solution for our partners that engage in outbound calls and text messages to consumers – we can power those communications with consumers via our AI agents (APIs) while leaving the partner business in complete control of of their compliant outbound dialing and texting. Special thanks and hat tip to my friend Jeffrey Feuer for helping us come up with the idea and develop this new solution.

And the best part??? We’re not limited to any single industry, vertical, or category. From Insurance and Mortgage/Lending to Home Services, Legal, Healthcare, and Education, our platform is versatile enough to drive results across all consumer-facing sectors.

But the Lead Gen ecosystem is only the beginning. As we continue to develop our AI platform capabilities, we are also evolving our business model to support a more comprehensive, full-funnel approach to Customer Acquisition. This means moving beyond text-based interactions and into voice and, eventually, video-based engagement. By meeting customers where they are and communicating in the interaction modalities that they prefer, we can create even more immersive, persuasive experiences that drives action.

We’re using the $10 Billion Lead Gen ecosystem as our “AI Trojan Horse” into the bigger $1 Trillion full-funnel Customer Acquisition opportunity :-)

$10 Billion Lead Gen Ecosystem is our AI Trojan Horse into $1 Trillion Full-funnel Customer Acquisition Space

To support this evolution from Lead Gen to full-funnel Customer Acquisition, we’ve developed a range of offerings that cater to different levels of engagement and customization:

  1. “Prime” Bundled Pay-per-Call Offering
  2. Un-bundled “Platform” Offering
  3. AI Agency

Our “Prime” bundled offering is the ultimate turn-key solution, combining the power of our AI platform with fully managed services for traffic acquisition and optimization. This is perfect for businesses that want to leverage the full potential of our technology without the heavy lifting of managing campaigns themselves while paying Symphony42 on a performance-based “Pay-per-Call” basis.

For those businesses that prefer a more customized and hands-on/self-serve approach, our “Platform” offering provides the flexibility to integrate our AI capabilities into existing traffic and marketing/sales workflows. This unbundled solution allows businesses to bring their own traffic sources and maintain control over their Customer Acquisition process while still benefiting from the efficiency and effectiveness of our Persuasive Conversational AI.

But we don’t stop there. We know that some businesses have unique needs and require a higher level of customization than either Prime or Platform can provide. That’s where our “AI Agency” managed services come in. This highly customized and consultative offering combines the best of both worlds – the power of our platform with the expertise of our in-house teams of AI Product Developers, Data Scientists, and Customer Acquisition strategists. Whether it’s developing custom AI models, optimizing traffic/campaign performance, or providing end-to-end management of the Customer Acquisition process, our AI Agency is here to help businesses achieve their specific/unique goals.

Across all of these 3 offerings, there is one common thread — our deep integration with the world’s top consumer Internet traffic channels on the supply side of our platform. We understand that the success of any Customer Acquisition campaign hinges on the quality and relevance of the Internet traffic audience it attracts. Thus, we’ve built robust partnerships with leading ad platforms, ad networks, social media platforms, and publishers to ensure our clients have access to the highest-intent, highest-converting consumers. By combining the scale and reach of these channels with the precision, personalization, and persuasion of our AI, we’re able to deliver results never before imagined. At scale :-O

Once we optimize a campaign in any one traffic channel, we can instantly 10X volume for unprecedented scalability and rapid Customer Acquisition growth potential.

Integrated Traffic Channels include:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Social
  • Video
  • Affiliate
  • Email
  • Influencer
  • Offline (via QR Codes)

As we look ahead, our go-to-market strategy is not just about expanding our offerings but also about continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI-powered Customer Acquisition. We are at the forefront of emerging technologies like Voice AI and Video AI, emotionally intelligent Empathic AI, and HYPER-personalization. Our vision is to create a world where every customer interaction is a “Delightful Dance”™ – a seamless and persuasive experience – no matter the traffic channel or interaction modality.

So, whether you’re a small consumer-facing business looking to scale your Customer Acquisition efforts or an Fortune 500 Enterprise seeking to transform your sales processes, Symphony42 has a solution that’s perfect for you.

V. Thought Leadership and Vision

As a team of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned Internet veterans, we’ve always been driven by a profound curiosity about the future of AI-powered consumer engagement. We want to help shape the direction of our industry and inspire others to think differently about what’s possible with AI. That’s why we’ve made AI thought leadership a core part of our mission and identity.

Last year, I had the honor and privilege of sharing my perspective on the transformative potential of AI in a series of articles and videos.

In “How to Make Money with AI” — published on the Fourth of July — I drew parallels between Google’s monetization of the Internet through search advertising and the emerging opportunities for businesses to leverage AI for revenue growth. Just as Google’s AdWords revolutionized the way Internet companies acquired customers online, I believe AI-powered platforms like Symphony42 will redefine the unit economics of Customer Acquisition in the coming years. Central to premise is the concept of ROAI (Return on AI). In the same way that ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) became the north-star metric for online advertising and traffic, ROAI is poised to become the key benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness of AI investments. By focusing on measurable, bottom-line impact, we can help businesses understand the true value of AI and make smarter, more strategic decisions about where to allocate their resources:

How to Make Money with AI — Published on LinkedIn on the Fourth of July

But our thought leadership doesn’t stop at the strategic level. We are also deeply committed to advancing the practical applications of AI and demystifying the technology for a broader audience. That’s why we created the “Symphony42 Epic Tale” video – to showcase the power of AI not just as a tool, but as a storytelling medium in its own right. By leveraging multiple AI platforms for words/text, voice-overs, images, videos and music, we were able to craft a compelling story using the Pixar storytelling framework that brings our journey and vision to life in a way that’s both informative and emotionally resonant:

Symphony42 Epic Tale on YouTube

And then there’s the “Future of AI in 42 Seconds” video – a concise yet powerful encapsulation of our long-term vision for the AI Customer Acquisition realms – once Interaction Modalities evolve from text, to voice, to video… to 3D holograms :-)

In just 42 seconds, and inspired by the Tom Cruise mall scene in the movie Minority Report, we paint a picture of a world where AI sales agents engage in delightful, personalized conversations with customers, forming deep connections and delivering immense value at every touchpoint. This isn’t science fiction – rather, it’s a glimpse into the not-too-distant future that we’re actively working towards every day:

Future of AI in 42 Seconds video on YouTube

At the heart of this vision is the idea of the “Delightful Dance”™ experiences between consumers and AI. We believe that the most effective customer interactions are not one-sided or transactional, but rather a collaborative, mutually rewarding experience. By combining the efficiency and scalability of AI with the empathy and personalization of human conversation, we can create a new paradigm for consumer engagement – one that feels less like a sales pitch and more like a genuine, helpful, and delightful dialogue.

Of course, bringing this vision to life requires more than just advanced technology. It requires a deep understanding of humans – their psychology, their behavior, and their decision-making. That’s why we’re investing heavily in research initiatives like the Persuasion Genome Project – to decode the science of persuasion and build the world’s most comprehensive knowledge base of what drives customer action. By combining these insights with the power of our AI platform, we can create truly individualized, emotionally intelligent experiences that resonate on a profound level never before imagined.

VI. Milestones and Traction

One of the most significant milestones of the past year was the successful completion of our Pre-Seed funding round. The fact that we were oversubscribed and able to raise over $1 Million from 23 amazing angel investors is a powerful validation of our vision and potential. It’s not just the financial resources that matter in this Pre-Seed round, but also the incredible network of experts and entrepreneurs that we’ve gained along the way. Their support and guidance have been invaluable as we navigate the startup challenges and opportunities of building a world-class AI Unicorn.

A very special shout-out and thank you to: Robert Glazer, Greg Cangialosi, John Akkara, Pete Kim, Ross Shanken (Board member and Lead Advisor), Sam Melamed, Sean Hanlon, Stein Kretsinger, (Board Advisor), Sumeet Goel, Joeri Weyenberg, David Galper, Mark Drever, Steven Freidkin, Jeffrey Rosen, CPA, CGMA, MBA, Jason Schneider, Grant Mowat, Jalmar Dijkstra, Mick Dubea, Jordan Beeman , Sally Hurley, Doug Lebda, Sid Banerjee, and Jim Rowan.

But we’re not stopping to rest. Perhaps the most exciting milestone of all is the one we’re embarking on right now – our Seed funding round. We’ve set an ambitious goal of raising millions of dollars of venture capital from an institutional VC fund to fuel our next phase of growth, and we’re thrilled to have already received strong interest from top-tier VCs and strategic investors. The influx of capital will allow us to accelerate our AI product development, expand our team with top talent, and scale our go-to-market efforts to reach even more consumers with our AI agents.

I have built successful bootstrapped Internet businesses without raising a dime of outside capital and I have also built successful VC-backed Internet business. I have come to learn the pros and cons of each strategy quite well. I have been deeply influenced by Paul Graham’s essay “Startup = Growth” on this tradeoff. In this essay, Paul Graham persuasively explains that the primary reason Founders will raise outside capital rather than building a profitable bootstrapped business is to accelerate the growth of their startup to levels that would otherwise be impossible without outside capital. Given the transformational and unprecedented rates of advancement in AI, it seems irresponsible to NOT raise venture capital to accelerate the growth of Symphony42, thus our decision to choose this path.

Up and beyond raising capital, however, we believe that the real test of our success lies in our ability to execute and deliver measurable value to our customers. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’re currently in the process of onboarding two top-tier customers who share our vision for the future of Customer Acquisition. Both of these partnerships are a testament to the strength of our platform, the effectiveness of our approach, and the trust and confidence that industry leaders have in our team. I can’t wait to announce them both – watch this space :-)

As we look ahead, our trajectory is clearer and more promising than ever. Our plan has us achieving $100 Million in revenue within five years, with industry-leading gross margins and a highly capital-efficient model. We’re building a strong team of world-class entrepreneurial talent across AI, Engineering, Product, and Customer Success functions. And we’re developing a robust pipeline of new products and features that will keep us at the bleeding edge in AI-powered Customer Acquisition for years to come.

VII. Ecosystem and Collaboration

At Symphony42, we’ve always believed that the key to truly revolutionizing an industry is not just to build a great product and company, but also to foster a thriving ecosystem around them. From day one, we’ve been committed to collaborating with a wide range of partners, advisors, and stakeholders who share our vision for the future of AI-powered Customer Acquisition.

One of the things I’m most proud of is the incredible roster of Advisors/Shareholders we’ve assembled. These are not just successful entrepreneurs, but true thought leaders and visionaries in their respective fields. Our Advisors are a veritable who’s who of trailblazers, and we have benefited immensely from them.

A shout-out and thank you to: Carlos Cashman, Dave Helmreich, Frank M. Sands, CFA, Jason Goldsmith, Jay Weintraub, John Ferber, Jose Vargas, Matthew Keiser, Scott Ferber, and Zach Coelius. When some of the smartest and most influential people in your world are willing to put their time and energy behind your vision, you know you’re onto something special.

But our commitment to collaboration extends far beyond our Advisors. We’ve built strong partnerships with leading companies across the Lead Gen and Customer Acquisition ecosystem, from buyers to sellers to agencies to tech platforms and services providers. By working together, our collective humans and APIs are able to create a more seamless, integrated experience for consumers and unlock new sources of value for all stakeholders. A shout-out and thank you to OpenAI, Anthropic, Ringba, Twilio, Commio, Microsoft Azure and Retell AI.

One of the ways we’re driving this collaboration is through our active participation in industry events and conferences. Please connect with us live and in person at the leading Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition tradeshows:

VIII. Dave Blundin Symphony42 Co-founder and Board Member

In the Symphony42 epic tale, there’s one person who deserves a special spotlight in this Ecosystem and Collaboration discussion – my good friend, long-time business partner, and Symphony42 Co-founder, David Blundin. Dave and I have been kindred spirits since 2009, united by our shared passion for the transformative and money-making potential of AI. As a DoublePositive Board member, Dave provided unwavering support during challenging times and invested millions in my previous startup.

Dave’s contributions to Symphony42 extend far beyond his role as a Co-founder and Board member. Dave has generously provided Symphony42 with remote office space at his Link Ventures and Cogo Labs location in One Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA, thus enabling us with a prime location to recruit top AI talent from the MIT ecosystem. As an AI Teacher at MIT and as a well-connected member of the MIT AI community, Dave’s expertise and network will be instrumental in attracting the best and brightest AI minds coming out of the MIT ecosystem looking for the best startup opportunities to join our team.

Last year, Dave invited me to present Symphony42 to his AI class at MIT:

Dave Blundin Inviting Symphony42 to MIT :-)

But Dave’s impact goes infinitely beyond Symphony42. Dave is an uber-entrepreneur, an uber-investor, and a true visionary – the embodiment of AI thought leadership. Dave is the single most successful person I know, with 23 co-founded companies, at least 5 of which have achieved nine-figure valuations, and experience serving on 21 private and public company boards. Dave brings an unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise to being Symphony42 Co-founder and Board member — I have never once met his equal.

I am incredibly grateful to have Dave with us since inception, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner on this journey.

IX. Conclusion

To our customers, partners, and investors: thank you for your trust, your support, and your partnership on this exciting journey. Your success is our success, and we’re honored to be a part of the collective growth story.

To the Symphony42 team and community, thank you for your hard work, your creativity, and your unwavering dedication to the vision of AI Customer Acquisition. You’re the heart and soul of Symphony42, and I’m incredibly proud to work alongside you every day.

Whether you’re a potential traffic partner, customer, VC investor, or team member, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Please reach out – let’s explore how we can work together to shape the future of AI-driven growth and create delightful personalized experiences for consumers everywhere. We know that the real magic happens not just in the algorithms, models, and the code, but in the human connections and partnerships that bring them to life. Even in a world dominated by transformational LLMs, it’s [STILL] all about the people.

So, here’s to the next chapter of the Symphony42 epic tale – a story of radical new AI inventions, transformation, and the incredible possibilities that emerge when human art meets AI science. Together, let’s keep writing this epic, one “Delightful Dance”™ consumer experience at a time :-)


SPF | @seanfenlon | 410-916-1232

Symphony42 Product Roadmap — Samples & Demos

Symphony42: Consumer Information Network — Tap-to-Text Ad (animated)


  • Interaction Modality: Text-based
  • Interface: SMS Traffic
  • Channel: Mobile Ad Type: Tap-to-Text Ad Creative
  • Type: Animated GIF
  • Status: Live In Production
  • Demo: Text any Auto Insurance inquiry to: 888-650-1955

Web Chat Embedded on Landing Page


Live Chat Directly Embedded Inside of Display Ad


  • Interaction Modality: Text-based
  • Interface: In-Ad
  • Traffic Channel: Display, Social
  • Ad Type: Display Ad
  • Creative Type: Embedded Chat Box
  • Status: Live Prototype
  • Demo: Coming Soon

Facebook Messenger Ads with “Click to Send Message” Call-to-Action


  • Interaction Modality: Text-based
  • Interface: Facebook
  • Traffic Channel: Social
  • Ad Type: FB/IG Messenger Ads
  • Ad Creative Type: Click-to-DM
  • Status: Prototype
  • Demo: Coming Soon

TikTok Influencer Ads


  • Interaction Modality: Text-based
  • Interface: TikTok App
  • Channel: Social
  • Ad Type: Influencer Ads
  • Ad Creative Type: Click-to-DM
  • Status: Prototype Coming Soon
  • Demo: Coming Soon

Click-to-Call Ads for Voice-based Interaction Modality


  • Interaction Modality: Voice-based
  • Interface: Mobile Phone Voice
  • Traffic Channel: Mobile
  • Ad Type: Click-to-Call
  • Ad Creative Type: Display or Search
  • Status: Live In Production
  • Demo: Call 443-339-9203

On-demand Customized AI Avatars for


  • Interaction Modality: Video-based
  • Interface: TBD
  • Traffic Channel: TBD
  • Ad Type: TBD
  • Ad Creative Type: TBD
  • Status: Planning for Q1 2025
  • Demo: Coming Soon